Ghost Recon Wildlands Killer tips & tricks

hey whats up guys and welcome to
xbox on now for the past few days I’ve
been getting stuck in with Ghost Recon
wildlands which is an absolute mammoth
of a game with us to use game world so
big that can be quite intimidating to
start with so that’s why i put together
some tips about how you can get a better
head start in the game i’m going to talk
about some useful tactic and most
importantly the skills you need early on
everything i mentioned here can be done
in the first region and make playing in
single-player a lot more fun
so here we go before we dig into the
specifics of being a ghost let’s get
down to the basics of skill development
the skill tree in wildlands is dictated
by two elements skill points earned by
leveling up was found around the map and
resources which you collect by tagging
supplies when you find them in the world
every upgrade calls for a mix of the two
the quickest way to start boosting seal
point is to find skill medals hidden in
the map the map is pretty big so you can
speed up the process by finding in till
around the world
just look for the circle of an
exclamation point in it and when you
collect the Intel you were given a
choice of elements you can uncover on
the map select locate skill points and
all available pickups in the region then
appear if you wanna be a little bit
cheeky you could just look at our map
and get a headstart resources on the
other hand can be found in just about
any settlement if there is a question
mark on the map you can be sure the
location has at least one barrel of
gasoline or crater first day to extract
once you kill all the enemies in any
given location is important to spend
time clearing out any resources
suggestively speed the process up when
you find a piece of Intel you can select
locate supply raids which reveals side
missions that reward thousands of
resources the once it’s worth doing this
in region 1 where enemies are pretty
soft to help you get a head start before
you head out into the rest of the world
before we talk more about what skills to
buy let’s talk about combat basics
wildland may look like a cover shooter
but it’s actually a tactical shooter so
don’t play by the same arcade rules as
things like Gears of War when you cross
behind cover you do not lock to it and
it is possible for enemies to see you at
close range and shoot you in the head
when things are kicking off it’s worth
going for
behind cover and crawling to safety it
may sound cowardly but we also like to
draw fire away from ourselves by
ordering the AI goes to open fire at God
stay with them you can reposition
yourself somewhere else
you’re also going to want that into
enemy territory with a good range of
weapons we like to carry an assault
rifle for when it all kicks off a sniper
rifle for long range of filtration and a
silenced pistol for close-range sneaking
you were given the assault rifle and
pistol from the very start of the game
and you’ll find a sniper rifle in the
weapon create where the first mission
and pick up and make sure to equip it
the final thing to watch out for is the
mini-map if you are enemies of a drone
or the binoculars they become red dots
on the map making them easier to track
you also noted areas that glow orange
and purple this tells you that there is
an enemy presence there and if you fail
to mark all the enemies you can use this
glow to work out rough enemy locations
and take a defensive position it’s also
a great way to see if there are any
stragglers fighting around the globe
vanishes that all the enemies are gone
and it’s time to put your feet up while
watching the orange growers useful it’s
far better to have the area properly
mapped by a drone to the first skill you
should upgrade is the range and battery
life of your drone to begin with it’s
range is nowhere near good enough to
advance into larger bases without losing
connection it’s a really important piece
of kit if you want to play selfie to
spend those points on upgrading that
drone using the drone is simple when you
approach a new area go behind a study
piece of cover and send the drone by
pressing up on the d-pad the throne will
mark any enemy that you part is aiming
circle over and once you have the skill
points and resources you should
definitely purchase night vision and it
makes a drone far more useful around the
once you’ve upgraded a drone the next
power upgrade is the extra sink shot
this works a lot like splinter cell’s
incredible marks and execute power
natural way I buddies market goons and
then shoot them on your say-so to market
enemy you need to aim at them either
with a gun binoculars or the drone and
press a to begin with you can only mark
one enemy upgrade the skilled twice and
you can move
of the three in his earlier regions
enemies rarely gathering groups larger
than that so you’ll be able to wipe out
entire patrols without ever firing your
own weapon for the best results however
target them using the drug has it gives
you a better perspective on which God
can see each other and then the sink
shot takes 30 seconds to recharge so if
you’re willing to wait patiently you can
take out an entire base with slingshots
alone may feel a little bit cheap but it
gets the job done if you’d rather do
your own shooting and we imagine you
will the next kill you should unlock is
thermal vision they’ve had an extra
infrared vision mode on top of the night
vision that you had given that the start
of the game you access night vision by
tapping right on the d-pad and while it
makes nighttime infiltration much easier
it can be very hard to tell
fuzzy green enemies from their fuzzy
green surroundings with thermal vision
however you always know if you’re
looking at an enemy body or not and it
makes headshot really easy to collapse
justjust for the tiny red lamp on top of
the bigger red lamp and you’re just one
blow away from lovely success it works
just as well during the day and it’s
particularly handy clicking out snipers
inside their darts watchtowers just be
careful to switch out in red if the
soldiers start throwing grenades at you
it was about the screen and makes it
very hard to tell anything apart now I
know the ghosts are all about getting in
and out without anyone noticing thing
but sometimes you just want to go loud
the game isn’t very forgiving if you
play as running gun action you’ll be
shot for tiny pieces in seconds
if however you still an armored enemy
vehicle you can have some amazing fun
these trucks amount of turrets are
stupidly overpowered the only do they
soaked up Bullitt butter on top is so
creepy two things up that enemies don’t
have a chance to shoot many of them back
at you in region 1 you can find one at
this map location to maximize lys ala
see when you get to a base begin to
drive in very very slowly
this gives the done of the opportunity
to target any enemy that pops into his
eyeline sending the defending force one
by one drivin too far and you’ll be
contending with enemies from multiple
directions and they will make with work
of you with this technique however it’s
possible clear outside the bases without
ever leaving the driver’s seat
the last thing that you have to take
care of in the first region is unlocking
the rebel off the side missions are not
rebels report which makes life much
easier as you go along as we have
everything else in wildland you add
rebel ops 2 the map by using intel to
select locate rebel ops and the three
missions available in your clean region
unlock three of the abilities rebel
diversion vehicle drop-off and mortar
it’s the last two that makes the
difference vehicle drop-off bring the
car to your location very handy when you
die in the games for you in the middle
of nowhere with no car to get home
just select the option from the rebel
support menu on the right bumper and
you’re good to go
and the more third does exactly what you
would imagine it rain down explosives on
wherever you’re aiming rescues pointing
when you select the ability due to the
close grouping of the explosives however
it’s best to use on clusters of soldiers
or any vehicles that could become a
problem in a bigger fire fight more
powers unlock in other regions but these
are the two you really want from the
there you have it guys are seven tips to
help you get ahead in Ghost Recon
wildlands obviously it’s a massive game
with loads of different approaches to
every situation so why not show your own
killer tactics in the comments closed
and if you found this video useful why
don’t you like and make sure to
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